There are those who still think that DJs just play music in a corner. It can’t be hard. After all, you’re in an environment with alcohol and people are having a good time. If you like what the DJ is playing and the vibe they’re providing, it’s probably because they’re doing their job. A good DJ will make  their work look effortless. They usually carry themselves well and are well versed in their music and what they’re playing, and they’re easy to talk to. Hiring a DJ is a full package. You want someone who is professional, with good gear, excellent knowledge of music and can cater to a vast crowd with eclectic tastes. Also, the person you hire should dress accordingly. Part of being a good DJ is to add a cool element to your event.  They’re a big part of establishing the mood that you want to project. Like any service, the tier of excellence you get depends on what you spend.