How long is a DJ needed for a wedding?2022-02-10T14:01:20-05:00

This all depends on what the couple wants. Generally, weddings are about an 8hr event (5pm-1am) that entails cocktails, dinner, and reception. Squeezed in between is Wedding Intros, first, second dances, speeches, etc. However, some couples will have their ceremony at the venue, so the day ends up being a longer one. Toronto DJs have an allotted time for their service and once past that time, there can be extra charges. Every now and then, some couples will want to go to 2am. At this point, there will be extra charges for the DJ and probably the venue as well. It all depends on what you want.

Why you should never skimp on your DJ?2022-02-10T14:31:57-05:00

There are those who still think that DJs just play music in a corner. It can’t be hard. After all, you’re in an environment with alcohol and people are having a good time. If you like what the DJ is playing and the vibe they’re providing, it’s probably because they’re doing their job. A good DJ will make  their work look effortless. They usually carry themselves well and are well versed in their music and what they’re playing, and they’re easy to talk to. Hiring a DJ is a full package. You want someone who is professional, with good gear, excellent knowledge of music and can cater to a vast crowd with eclectic tastes. Also, the person you hire should dress accordingly. Part of being a good DJ is to add a cool element to your event.  They’re a big part of establishing the mood that you want to project. Like any service, the tier of excellence you get depends on what you spend.






Should I tip my DJ?2022-02-10T14:05:32-05:00

Tipping can be a contentious issue. Some people don’t do it for whatever reason. Some do it, if they feel the service exceeds all expectations. And there are those who believe most services deserve a tip. Who doesn’t like getting a tip? The fact is not everyone tips, which may be due to culture, some feel a tip should be earned and not expected. And some people don’t know or choose not to know. The best way for a DJ to go into a gig is: get paid, do an amazing job so they’ll rave about you and give you a good review. If you get a tip… awesome! Thinking about getting a tip, for some reason, makes it not happen.

How do we choose the first dance song?2022-02-08T12:52:08-05:00

If there’s one wedding tradition that still holds strong, it’s the first dance. Britton DJ Service has done complete strip-down weddings. No intros, no speeches, no cake cutting, no grand entrance, and everyone milling everywhere during dinner service. It felt like a party with great catering and the wedding aspect of the day was just a sidebar. But even during a stripped down wedding without formal traditions, the first dance seems to be a part of the big day. The first dance should be that song that bonds you and your partner together. It carries a memory that regardless of wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you’re drawn to that special place that represents the both of you. The memory can entail anything, but it represents something you both share. In our opinion, it’s the best tradition that happens on the wedding day.

Is the bouquet/garter toss still a thing?2022-02-10T14:10:38-05:00

When Britton DJ Service started doing weddings about 12 years ago, most wedding traditions were being carried out. In the past several years, there has been a noticeable generational shift. Couples are doing less of the wedding traditions and are more focused on having a great party. The bouquet toss is still being done, but not as often as it used to be. In recent years, the bouquet toss has started to wane. Why? Brides just don’t feel like doing it, or they want to keep the bouquet for themselves. Compared to the garter toss, which was done 60-70% of the time when we started, is done less than 5% of the time. Newlyweds are still carrying out these traditions, but it does seem to be trending downwards, especially with the garter toss.




Does the DJ take breaks and how does that work?2022-02-03T15:31:17-05:00

Every DJ/DJ company in Toronto has their own mandate when it comes to breaks. Usually, because there are a lot of lulls or down moments throughout the day, there is enough time to grab a drink, use the washroom, or go over their notes. So an actual break is not really necessary, but it really all depends on the policy of the company or DJ you hire.

Should you feed the DJ at a wedding?2022-02-03T15:23:47-05:00

There is no written rule that says you should feed the DJ, but there is kind of an unwritten rule to feed the DJ. The vast majority of the time, DJs, along with the other vendors, are fed. Sometimes some venues have a designated meal for vendors, but depending on the couple, the DJ will have the same meal as the guests.

What is proper DJ attire for a wedding?2022-02-03T15:21:01-05:00

Any reputable DJ in Toronto that does weddings and events knows what the protocol is when it comes to wedding attire. If they’re not wearing a suit, usually they’ll be in some form of formal wear. And when going through your consultation session, professional DJs will know the dress code protocol. And asking a DJ about their attire for the evening is not a weird thing to ask.

How extensive is Britton DJ Service’s music collection?2022-02-10T14:24:16-05:00

A DJ collection should be vast. Outside what a DJ collects on their own, a good music collection should be able to cater to most crowds, and more importantly, it should include different genres. Britton DJ Service’s collection has all the significant hits from each era (60s, 70,s, etc.) leading up to current day top 40. We’re proud music nerds with a significantly huge catalog of music. For ethnic weddings or events, clients usually provide us with the music they want heard.

Does your DJ provide other services other than music?2022-02-03T14:52:18-05:00

Most DJ companies in Toronto provide services that include more than just music. They’ll let you know about their service and upsell add-ons. Some will have a few uplights to have around the DJ booth and some companies can light your event up like a nightclub. If they’re selling it, they’ll let you know. It all depends on what you want. For some couples, it’s primarily about the music and are satisfied with standard venue lights and some want more. If you do want add-ons, prices can vary, but most companies will make a deal with your package.

Is a band or DJ better for a wedding?2022-02-08T12:45:12-05:00

Venues are more accustomed to working with DJs. With a band, there might be a few more logistics to think about, but if well planned, it can work. (If having a band is part of your vision, make sure your venue accommodates bands.) I have done several gigs where the music for the evening was split up between myself DJing and the band throughout the evening from cocktail hour to dinner to the reception. It all depends on the type of wedding you’re having and you and your partner’s preference.

Has your potential DJ worked at your wedding venue?2022-02-03T14:43:13-05:00

Any professional DJ who does events and weddings on a regular basis can adapt to new venues. If they have worked at the wedding venue you’ve booked, that’s a plus!  Your DJ can let you know what the sound is like, give you the pros and cons and what works better based on the layout, and give you an idea what the staff is like. This gives couples one less thing to think about.

What should I look for when choosing a DJ?2022-02-03T11:28:17-05:00

First, I would ask myself, “Do I want a club DJ?” or do I want someone who mixes good songs together. What kind of event are you having? Is it a wedding, where there are formalities, cues, and an assortment of protocols are done. Or do you want a DJ who will set the perfect tone and mood for the evening. Some Toronto DJs are more familiar with a club setting and some do events. Some do both, but make sure you know the type of DJ you’re getting. Also, what’s their music knowledge like? How long have they been DJing? It’s important to get a good sense of the person you’re hiring. You don’t need someone who is bringing their ego with their musical mandate to YOUR event. You want to make sure that you and the DJ are on the same page and they play for you and your guests. These are some of the initial questions you should be asking when choosing a DJ in Toronto.

Is a wedding DJ worth it?2022-02-10T14:39:04-05:00

We would say a DJ for a Toronto wedding is definitely worth it. If it’s just a small intimate group mingling, then no, but if you want to have some semblance of a dance party, then yes. “You get what you pay for!” really applies here, for example, you don’t go to a diner expecting fine dining.

Also, it’s vitally important to establish a relationship with your DJ. If you’re going to hire someone to provide the soundtrack to your wedding, make sure you’re both on the same musical page, and a plus if they take requests. If all these things are aligned, then yes, having a DJ is important. There are certain things guests remember from a wedding and music is one of them. The last thing you need to worry about on your big night is who is taking care of the music when there’s a lull in the evening. A DJ allows you to relax and enjoy your night with your guests. Some things to think about when evaluating whether a wedding DJ is worth having.

Can you have a wedding without a DJ?2022-02-08T12:44:29-05:00

If it’s going to be a small intimate group mingling while music is more of a backdrop, then a DJ is probably not needed. A playlist will suffice. If you want dancing, you can still have a wedding without a DJ and save on those costs. However, a perk with having a DJ is that you, your family or friends, won’t have the duty of having to play “DJ”. Even if they say they will, chances are they won’t want to do it all night. The night of the wedding, they’ll be drinking, mingling, partying, and the last thing they’ll want to do is play DJ. This is where having a DJ for your wedding will always prevail. DJs come in with one thing in mind: To entertain and get people dancing to music they want to hear. As long as they’re friendly, willing to read the crowd to get people dancing and takes requests. Ideally, this is the type of wedding DJ you want to have.

What makes a good DJ at a wedding?2022-02-03T13:56:30-05:00

The key to finding a good wedding DJ in Toronto is to find someone who aligns with your vision. There is a list of things they should be doing regardless of the type of wedding you’re having. There are key points that should be known and what you should be getting when you hire a DJ for your wedding

– I’ve said this before and I’ll stress it again. Get. To. Know. Your. DJ. Yes, they are providing the music, but make sure they carry out YOUR vision. Your DJ should be easygoing, friendly and wants you to make sure your special day is what you want it to be. Be clear. Ask questions. Ask again, if need be. And a good DJ will do their best to accommodate you. If they can’t, the DJ should be clear and tell you they can’t. A good DJ will only commit to what they can deliver.

What do couples look for in a DJ?2022-02-11T12:23:07-05:00

Couples are generally looking for a DJ who will make sure their party goes off without a hitch. Some of the things we’ve been asked is:

-How long have you been DJing?

-It’s one thing to DJ a club, but have you done a wedding before?

-Will there be a written contract?

-Can they play to both an older and younger crowd?

-Do you take requests?

They also want someone who is really personable, who will also guide them through what needs to be done throughout the day. They’re overwhelmed and having a friendly guidance through the process of how to choose their music throughout the course of the evening. From ceremony and cocktail hour to reception, these could be determining factors on whether they go with you or not.

How much space does a DJ need?2022-02-08T12:34:09-05:00

Most major event venues have a DJ set up area and some venues even have their own A/V team. Sometimes, there are the unconventional venues where events are held and the DJ area can be unintentionally overlooked. A DJ doesn’t need a lot of space. What they do need is a table that is at least 2m (6ft), and about 3m (10ft) wide. This will include speakers on either side. In that area, there should be access to power with at least one outlet (Most DJs will have extension cords and power bars). Usually a space that is conducive for everyone to hear, but not necessarily a spot where they are the center of attention.

Is it beneficial to see the DJ play/perform or hear a recording of one of their sets?2022-02-08T12:31:38-05:00

It might be hard to gauge, but most event DJs, especially those that do weddings, are catering to music-specific events. A DJ can be doing an event one night where the set consists of country, mixed with 70s hard rock. The next night can be a night where it’ll be a hip hop/r’n’b vibe sprinkled with early 2000s throwbacks. You don’t necessarily want to judge a DJ on one of their sets because if you want indie rock, and you hear 80s pop, you might think that this is not the DJ for you. When a good DJ knows their music, they know which hat to put on. Most DJs have mixes either on their website, soundcloud or other platforms. Usually, the mixes give you a sense on how they mix their music and where they are at musically. From this point on, now that you know they can mix, it’s about selecting the tracks for your event. If you’re going the route of a more clubby style DJ, they tend to have a lot of mixes online and will have live streams from time to time. Both are equally good at what they do, but their approach is different. So, always be clear with your DJ about what you want.

Is it tacky to have a DJ for an event?2022-02-10T14:46:31-05:00

It depends. What is considered tacky?  Do you want a DJ who’s going to make shout-outs every few songs, playing a medley of songs, with a light show? Or do you want a DJ focused on music, providing the soundtrack to your evening without the over-the-top personality. Can a DJ make an event tacky? Definitely! But it all comes back to our original point on getting to know your DJ and what you and your guests consider tacky.

How do I choose my DJ for an event?2022-02-10T14:49:14-05:00

Choosing a DJ in Toronto for an event doesn’t have to be laborious task, but it’s one that requires thought put into it. Don’t just hire a DJ because they’re your friend (unless they’re actually a good DJ) or anybody who says they’re a DJ. First, what kind of event is it? Who’s the demographic of people attending? Can the DJ cater to your musical needs? Are they a club DJ? Party DJ? An Event or wedding DJ? Do they have a vast collection of music that can satisfy young and old without the evening feeling disjointed? More importantly, is your DJ personable, an easy to work with person who will have your best interest and accommodate your musical interests for your event. You want to make sure your DJ knows it’s a special event, not a rave. These are pertinent questions that need to be asked when considering hiring a DJ in Toronto.

What qualities should a DJ have?2022-02-10T14:52:38-05:00

A DJ should be friendly and easy to talk to. They have a willingness to want to make sure your party is a success. If it’s all about them and their ego, and not about the success of your event, then that’s not a good sign. Their knowledge of music should be elite. It’s important to know the new music along with the classic gems and they should be well versed in several genres. Britton DJ Service know what our specialties are and we let people know that. Along with their stellar knowledge of music, the DJ’s mandate should be to carry out your party vision.

What is a reasonable price for a DJ?2022-02-09T12:40:26-05:00

Well, it depends. DJs in Toronto do a variety of events like weddings and parties and prices can vary. Some DJs will charge the same regardless of the event, but expect to pay more if it’s a wedding. When looking for a DJ, be clear with the type of event you’re going to have, along with your expectations. In Toronto and surrounding areas, prices can range between $1500 to $2000. DJs/companies charging more than $2000, are usually the ones that are going to give you more of a nightclub experience with additional bell and whistle services. Toronto DJs/companies that sit in between that $1000 to $1500 mark, tend to be a little more bare bones, but they focus more on the musical experience. If you’re paying less than $1000, it’s more of a gamble in what you’re getting. Not saying you can’t get value at that price point, but always remember, You get what you pay for! Shop around for your DJs, read reviews, compare prices and be very clear with what you want as far as the style of music. And, of course, make sure your potential DJ passes your personal vibe-check! This is the person who will be a big part of whether your evening is a success or not. The allotted time for DJs in Toronto can range from four to eight hours and it’s generally a flat rate, but clarify this with your DJ or the company you’re dealing with. Everyone has their own rules and might do things differently. I can’t stress enough… BEING CLEAR WITH YOUR DJ AND WHAT YOU WANT IS KEY!


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