First, I would ask myself, “Do I want a club DJ?” or do I want someone who mixes good songs together. What kind of event are you having? Is it a wedding, where there are formalities, cues, and an assortment of protocols are done. Or do you want a DJ who will set the perfect tone and mood for the evening. Some Toronto DJs are more familiar with a club setting and some do events. Some do both, but make sure you know the type of DJ you’re getting. Also, what’s their music knowledge like? How long have they been DJing? It’s important to get a good sense of the person you’re hiring. You don’t need someone who is bringing their ego with their musical mandate to YOUR event. You want to make sure that you and the DJ are on the same page and they play for you and your guests. These are some of the initial questions you should be asking when choosing a DJ in Toronto.