Well, it depends. DJs in Toronto do a variety of events like weddings and parties and prices can vary. Some DJs will charge the same regardless of the event, but expect to pay more if it’s a wedding. When looking for a DJ, be clear with the type of event you’re going to have, along with your expectations. In Toronto and surrounding areas, prices can range between $1500 to $2000. DJs/companies charging more than $2000, are usually the ones that are going to give you more of a nightclub experience with additional bell and whistle services. Toronto DJs/companies that sit in between that $1000 to $1500 mark, tend to be a little more bare bones, but they focus more on the musical experience. If you’re paying less than $1000, it’s more of a gamble in what you’re getting. Not saying you can’t get value at that price point, but always remember, You get what you pay for! Shop around for your DJs, read reviews, compare prices and be very clear with what you want as far as the style of music. And, of course, make sure your potential DJ passes your personal vibe-check! This is the person who will be a big part of whether your evening is a success or not. The allotted time for DJs in Toronto can range from four to eight hours and it’s generally a flat rate, but clarify this with your DJ or the company you’re dealing with. Everyone has their own rules and might do things differently. I can’t stress enough… BEING CLEAR WITH YOUR DJ AND WHAT YOU WANT IS KEY!