It might be hard to gauge, but most event DJs, especially those that do weddings, are catering to music-specific events. A DJ can be doing an event one night where the set consists of country, mixed with 70s hard rock. The next night can be a night where it’ll be a hip hop/r’n’b vibe sprinkled with early 2000s throwbacks. You don’t necessarily want to judge a DJ on one of their sets because if you want indie rock, and you hear 80s pop, you might think that this is not the DJ for you. When a good DJ knows their music, they know which hat to put on. Most DJs have mixes either on their website, soundcloud or other platforms. Usually, the mixes give you a sense on how they mix their music and where they are at musically. From this point on, now that you know they can mix, it’s about selecting the tracks for your event. If you’re going the route of a more clubby style DJ, they tend to have a lot of mixes online and will have live streams from time to time. Both are equally good at what they do, but their approach is different. So, always be clear with your DJ about what you want.